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Movie Schedule


Apr 21st The Need To Grow (Place your name & email at bottom & watch free! 1 hr 36min)

Apr 22nd Frontline's Plastic Wars (You Can Watch Online 54:22 min)
              The Story of Plastic showing on Earth Day (Wed Apr 22nd) on Discovery Channel from 1-3pm Central Time

Apr 29th The Last Mountain (You Can Watch Online 1 hr 35 min)

May 7th DamNation: The Problem With Hydropower (1 hr 27min)

May 14th Lost World (16min) & The Church Forests of Ethiopia (9min)

May 21st Albatross (You Can Watch Online 1 hr 38 min)

May 28th Cowspiracy (You Can Watch Online 1 hr 29 min)

Jun 4th Minimalism (You Can Watch Online 1 hr 17 min)

Jun 12th Chasing Coral (You can Watch Online, on Netflix or Jun 11th on Earthx 1 hr 33 min)

Jun 18th Shifting Sands (57 min I emailed you a password. If you did not get it, email me!)

Jun 25th Sonic Sea (1 hr 2min)

Jul 2nd Watson (1 hr 39 min)

Jul 9th The Game Changers (1 hr 26 min)

Jul 16th The Biggest Little Farm (1 hr 32 min)

Jul 23rd Wasted! The Story of Food Waste (1 hr 8 min)

Jul 30th Treeline: The Secret Life of Trees - Canceled/Rescheduled to Sep 10th due to Waiting on New Computer

Aug 6th Hope: What We Eat Matters (1 hr 32 mins)

Aug 13th Bluefin (53:20 mins)

Aug 20th The Monsanto Papers (42 mins)

Aug 27th The True Cost (1 hr 32 mins)

Sep 3rd Chasing Ice (1 hr 15 mins)

Sep 10th Treeline: The Secret Life of Trees (40 mins)

Sep 17th The Oyster Farmers - Canceled/Rescheduled to Oct 15th due to Unexpected Circumstances

Sep 24th Breath of Life (1 hr 22min)

Oct 1st Public Trust (96 min)

Oct 8th What Plants Talk About (54:30 mins)

Oct 15th The Oyster Farmers (1 hr 10 min)

Oct 22nd Bottled Life (1 hr 30 min)

Oct 29th Cooked: Survival by Zipcode (56:06 min)

Nov 5th 2040: The Regeneration (92 min Plus Discussion)

Nov 12th Nations United & Akashinga: The Brave Ones (34:09 min & 13:45 min)

Nov 19th The Human Element (1 hr 18 min)

Dec 3rd Fuel (1 hr 52 min) - Canceled Rescheduled!

Dec 10th Inner Climate Change: The Change Starts Within You (1 hr 5 min) - Canceled Rescheduled

Dec 17th Dominion (2 hrs) - Canceled Rescheduled


Jan 7th India's Healing Forests: Come Home, Be Healed (50 min)

Jan 14th Fuel (1 hr 52 min)

Jan 21st Inner Climate Change: The Change Starts Within You (1 hr 5 min)

Jan 28th Dominion (2 hrs)

Feb 4th Pump (1 hr 28 min) - Canceled

Jan 30th-Mar 25th - Movie Discussion Suspended Due to my Mom & her Cousin Passing Away!

Mar 25th The Tallest Trees On Earth (45:48 min)

Apr 1st More Than A Pipeline (1 hr 3 min)

Apr 8th Pump (1 hr 28 min)

Apr 15th Water Blues Green Solutions (56:45 min)

Apr 29th BURNED: Are Trees the New Coal? (1 hr 14 mins)

May 6th Closing the Loop (1 hr 33 mins) - Canceled Rescheduled for Jun 17th

May 13th Reef Rescue (53 mins)

May 20th The Age of Consequences (1 hr 20 mins)

May 27th We the Power (38 mins)

Jun 3rd Mossville:When Great Trees Fall (56 mins)

Jun 10th Artifishal (1 hr 20 mins)

Jun 17th Closing the Loop (1 hr 33 mins) - Rescheduled

Jun 24th Entangled (56 mins)

Jul 1st Closing the Loop (1 hr 33 mins)

Jul 8th A Simplier Way: Crisis As Opportunity (1 hr 19 mins)

Jul 15th Shinrin Yoku (3 films total 36 mins)

Jul 22nd Fantastic Fungi (1 hr 17 mins)

Jul 29th Tomatoes and Greed (53 mins)

Aug 5th My Octopus Teacher (1 hr 24 mins)

Aug 12th No Film Discussion

Aug 19th Vegan 2019 (51 mins)

Aug 26th Solar (53 mins)

Sep 2nd Tidal (56 mins)

Sep 9th Inside Chernobyl (1 hr 6 mins)

Sep 16th - No Movie Discussion (Marcus Theater Orland - 7pm Eating Our Way to Extinction)

Sep 23rd Seaspiracy (1 hr 28 mins)

Sep 30th The Ivory Game (1 hr 48 mins)

Oct 7th Apocalypse Cow (47 mins)

Oct 14th Rotten: Lawyers, Guns & Honey (53 mins)

Oct 21st: Can You Dig This? (1 hr 24 min)

Oct 28th Drowning in Plastic (1 hr 29 mins)

Nov 4th The Kingdom: How Fungi Made Our World (52 mins)

Nov 11th The Magic of Mushrooms (59 mins)

Nov 18th - Mission Blue (1 hr 29 mins) - Rescheculed to Jan 20th

Dec 9th Before The Flood (1 hr 30 min)

Dec 16th Fathom (1 hr 23 min)

Dec 23rd I Am Greta (1 35 min) - Rescheduled to Dec 30th

Dec 30th I Am Greta (1 35 min) - Rescheduled to Feb 3rd


Jan 6th The Year Earth Changed (47 min)

Jan 20th Mission Blue (1 hr 29 mins)

Jan 27th Brave New World (49 min)

Feb 3rd I Am Greta (1 35 min)

Feb 10th Plastic Pollution (49 min)

Feb 17th Becoming Cousteau (1 hr 31 min)

Feb 24th The Secret Science of Sewage (58 min)

Mar 3rd Humans (57 min)

Mar 10th EarthShot: Build A Waste Free World (57 min)

Mar 17th EarthShot: Fix Our Climate (58 min)

Mar 24th The Minimalists: Less Is Now (52 min)

Mar 31st The Secret Life of Landfill: A Rubbish History (1 hr 28 min)

Apr 7th No Film Discussion!

Apr 14th No Film Discussion!

Apr 21st EarthShot: Protect and Restore Nature (57 min)

Apr 28th EarthShot: Clean Our Air (57 min)

May 5th Rescheduled to Jun 2nd

May 12th Here We Stand & Understory (10:31 & 39:59 min)

May 19th Merchants of Doubt (1 hr 36 min)

May 26th Extinction - The Facts (58 min)

Jun 2nd EarthShot: Revive Our Oceans (58 min)

Jun 9th Milked (1 hr 29 min)

Jun 16th - Rescheduled

Postponed until injuries healed!

Sep 1st Sharkwater Extinction (84 min)

Sep 8th Earth Emergency (52 min)

Sep 15th Vegan 2020 (51 mins)

Sep 22nd Can We Cool The Planet (52 mins)

Break due to moving!


Feb 2nd PBS John Denver "Let This Be A Voice" (53 min)

Feb 9th Kiss The Ground (1 hr 22 min)

Feb 16th The Game Changers (1 hr 26 min)

Feb 23rd Eating Our Way to Extinction (1 hr 21 min)

Apr 20th Racing Extinction (1 hr 35 min)

Apr 27thth Slay (1 hr 26 min)

May 4th Secrets of the Tomato Industry: The Empire of Red Gold (54min)

May 11th It's Bean Too Hot (24 min) & Coffee For Life (20 min)

May 18th Shade Grown Coffee (1 hr 15 min)

May 25th Canceled! Family Emergency!

Jun 1st Just Eat It (1 hr 13 min)

Jun 8th Canceled!

Jun 15th 100 Yards of Hope (44 min)

Jun 22nd Eat, Grow, Love (52 min)

Jun 29th Understory (39 min) & Moving The Giants (10 min)

Jul 6th People vs Pipeline: The Cost of Crude Oil (28 min) & Craig, America (14 min)

Jul 13th Appetite for Destruction: The Palm Oil Diaries (59 min)

Jul 20th The Blue Forest (35 min) & Ocean Greens (9 min)

Jul 27th Postponed to next week

Aug 3rd State of Change: Natural Solutions & Coping with Climate Change: An Illinois Perspective (each 27 mins)

Aug 10th Bangladesh (26 min), Bahari Yetu (10 min) & Isle De Jean Charles (8 min)

Aug 17th Blackfish (1 hr 23 min)

Aug 24th In Too Deep (18 min), Murder at Sea (10 min) & Bangladesh: A Climate Trap (22min)

Aug 31st The Fight for Flight (15 min), Feathers in Flight: The Bird Genoscape Project (14 min) & Sky Migrations (15 min)

Sep 7th How We Can Turn Climate Anxiety Into Action (9 min), Who Cares Wins: with Lily Cole (9 min), EcoAnxiety (18 min)

Sep 14th Two Kinds of Water (22 min), Africa's Hidden Seaforest (10 min) & The Custodians (17 min)

Sep 21st Postponed to next week.

Sep 28th Youth Unstoppable (1 hr 28 min)

Oct 5th Meat the Future (1 hr 24 min)

Oct 12th Elemental (1 hr 23 min)

Oct 19th The Carnivore's Dilemma (52 min)

Oct 26th In A State of Change (26 min) & Bleeding Ice: Antarctica, The Final Chapter (39 min)

Nov 2nd The Map to Paradise (1 hr 35 min)

Nov 9th Whale Wash (51 min)

Nov 16th The Big Fix (1 hr 30 min)

Nov 30th Acid Horizon (1 hr 6 min)

Dec 7th The Pollinators (1 hr 32 min)

Dec 14th E-Life (52 min)

Dec 21st In Our Hands (1 hr 8 min)

Dec 28th Pursuing the Monarchs (52 min)


Jan 4th The West is Burning (56 min)

Jan 11th Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food (1 hr 22 min)


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